Beyond Thinking Like a Lawyer

In law school, they try to teach you to “think like a lawyer.”  But that’s only a small piece of the puzzle of being a lawyer.

This blog is about the other pieces.  I will focus mainly on developing emotional intelligence, mindfulness, calmness, mental fortitude, time management, and other life skills.

Beyond Thinking Like a Lawyer

What am I grateful for?

Today’s skill: gratitude.   

Studies show that gratitude promotes happiness, health, sleep, calmness, longevity, and more.

Taking just a few moments to write down who or what you’re grateful for has immense rewards.

Call to action: write down five things you’re grateful for.

Anything counts.  Your parents, the Universe, memories, opportunities, life, wealth, health.

If you’re a real daredevil, you can try a gratitude visualization.

Goal: Make everyday Thanksgiving.

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