Being Present When We’re Feeling Down In The Dumps

It’s OK to be grumpy.

Grumpy and Mindfulness

Mindfulness is noticing all our feelings, even not-so-happy ones.

“I accept where I am in this moment” is step 1 in shifting from Grumpy to Happy.

Chinese Finger Trap and Mindfulness

Struggling and resisting leads to getting more stuck.

When we tend to our grumpy feelings and when we shower ourselves with love — especially during the inevitable slumps — then the shift takes care of itself.  Grumpy becomes Happy.  Automatically. No incantations necessary.

Serenity Now and Mindfulness

Seinfeld taught us: Shouting “Serenity Now!” doesn’t work.

This practice — noticing our feelings and loving ourselves no matter what — works because: (1) We don’t get tangled up in the drama and (2) Love solves most “problems.”